Strategy & Planning

Since the year 2002, GPJ’s Strategy and Planning has been offering Portfolio Planning, Event Opportunity Analysis and Competitive Intelligence. In the last three years it has expanded to also include IP Metrics, Event Research and Event Recommendations. The team, manages clients in India, North America and Europe. With our extended portfolio—especially since we are the only company around offering a complete big picture strategy and planning, and tactical advice portfolio—we help organizations understand where customer behavior is headed, and make data-driven decisions.

  • Event Portfolio Planning
  • Event Opportunity Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • IP Metrics
  • Event Research
  • Event Recommendations
  • Event Auditing and Reporting
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Creative & Design

GPJ has a rigorous, programmatic approach to creating brand experiences. Experience design unites all of our disciplines – strategy, creative, technology and production – and focuses those talents through the personas of our client’s brand community. The result is a proven understanding of how to optimally engage your customers in very personal, participatory and immersive ways. Ways that lead to desired outcomes like activating brand ambassadors, creating new leads, and generating useful customer intelligence.

What motivates us is creating brand fans, not just customers. Many of India’s most respected marketers entrust their experience design to GPJ India because we elevate their portfolios of events to the realm of high-performance marketing investments.

  • 2D and 3D Design
  • Experience Design (Physical, Digital, Social, Mobile)
  • Copywriting
  • Content Creation
  • Customer Journey
  • Concept and Design Execution
  • Branding, Theme Development and Messaging
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Audience Marketing

GPJ India has been offering Audience Marketing services for close to eight years now as a part of the strategic expansion of its audience marketing business unit. Based on our clients’ feedback, GPJ India has expanded and evolved the services to include Lead Generation and Sales Enablement. This expanded service plays a key role in driving the right audiences, right leads and provide the right support to the sales team to close deals

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Event Marketing Strategy
  • Database Management
  • Registration
  • Tele-engine
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Digital Production

To be effective at experience marketing, you have to utilize the latest digital technologies – to enable easy mobile access, for vital CRM integration, to create massive online reach, and to generate actionable analytics. That’s a given. But we’re known for creating incredibly elegant digital integrations that dazzle and engage, too.

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • EDMs
  • Mobile Apps
  • Virtual Events
  • Social Media Management
  • Data Capture / Lead Generation
  • Event Tech
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Event Production

We understand the logistics of public storytelling. Every client we work with has the nugget of a powerful story to tell. Our skill is extracting and magnifying that story through immersive content creation and event production, ranging from public ceremonies and entertainment to conference keynotes and world-class hospitality.

Our live production capabilities unite all of our disciplines – strategy, creative, technology and production – providing you with the peace of mind that only comes with working with India’s leading provider.

  • Execution
  • Fabrication
  • Set/Stand Sound, Video and Lighting Design
  • Speaker/Artist Booking and Management
  • Production
  • Scriptwriting
  • Content Creation
  • Other Technicals
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