DP World was the logistics partner for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, as DP World wanted to enhance its brand recall in India while elevating the cricket viewing experience.

Working with GPJ India, a distinctive approach was adopted – a unique match ball delivery was planned that would resonate with DP World’s identity while contributing to the experience of the game.

GPJ produced 10 miniature container trucks, measuring 8 feet each, to transport the cricket ball to the field. The ball was perched on top of the mini truck for easy retrieval. The trucks entered the ground as umpires walked in, and after the delivery of the match ball, the trucks looped back and exited.

The match ball delivery was repeated consistently for all 48 matches with screens across the stadium prominently capturing the moment.

By partnering with DP World, GPJ India helped deliver an experience that met brand objectives and  contributed to a memorable and engaging experience for spectators.