A visual showcase of IBM solutions

At the Gartner IT Symposium/ Xpo 2023 held in Kochi, IBM wanted to create an engaging experience for attendees as they interacted with IBM solutions. IBM and GPJ came together to conceptualize and deliver the IBM AR-T Experience, an exhibit that creatively combined art and technology.

The IBM AR-T Experience was a celebration of maximalist art, as it stepped away from conventional conference booth designs. The design involved a striking 3-cylinder art installation where each piece of art was a story in itself, depicting IBM offerings in security, sustainability, and integration. The artwork was enhanced with an AR layer for a dynamic and interactive touch. The cylinders created a private space for attendees to immerse in the experience.

The response was overwhelming – over a hundred attendees participated, resulting in 1050 minutes of engagement. The IBM AR-T experience highlighted how the combined power of art and technology can elevate booth designs, offering both interaction and education at the same time.