The difference between a job and career is the opportunity for growth. At GPJ we strive to create an environment of continual learning and spaces for personal exploration. If that excites you, we should talk.

The Desi Georgies of GPJ India are the hustlers, the movers and shakers, who work hard, but always party harder.

They’re the bold ones who are blazing new trails, the ones you want on your side when push comes to shove.

They’re the tough ones, the can’t get-enough-ones – they’ll have your back and always motivate you to be better.

Want to be a part of this exciting team, and deliver amazing experiences for clients alongside?

We’re rapidly staffing up with dynamic minds and curious humans who are ready to collaborate with the biggest brands and most audacious projects in the world.

So, if you’re looking to Experience Everything in your professional life – you’ve found the place.


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